Become a Soul Regression Therapist

Many people are at a cross road in life and want to establish a new career direction. Do you feel a calling to help others to find and live their life purpose? If you have been drawn to this course, it’s probably because this is right for you to do now. You may not even know why! 

The Soul Regression Therapy course is the only course of its type being taught in Australia by fully qualified clinical hypnotherapists.

Lorna and Johns experience encompasses many thousands of practice hours and time spent in research, personal development and training. Through their ability to impart knowledge gained thus empowering their students to become proficient spiritual regression therapists in their own right. They will personally mentor and train you in this unique process.

John and Lorna both have a deep interest in reincarnation, the afterlife, and metaphysics, they are also both experienced clinical hypnotherapists and work full time in their private clinic. Together they will personally show you how to use real hypnosis to regress friends, family or clients to remember their past lives and understand and connect to their immortal soul. Make contact with Spirit, understand and remove entity attachments, connect to the “Higher Self or Over Soul” to facilitate healing and resolve problems.

Graduates of This Course are Fully Equipped and Confident


Graduates of this course are fully equipped and confident to establish themselves as Soul Regression Therapists and set up in practice if they chose to do so.

They will have the potential to earn up to $100.00 to $150.00 per hour and there are a lot of people seeking this type of healing therapy.

Being part of this course can embrace deep personal transformation, which then assists students to become practitioners and to help others.

This course includes lectures, two live demonstrations, and supervised experientials in a private setting.

All the support materials and scripts are provided including personal on going mentoring after the course.

The theory component of the course is presented in a power point presentations, and private clinic rooms/areas are used for the one on one sessions which will be personally supervised only by Lorna and John.

This is an intense course which you will learn hypnotic methods, regression techniques and insiders’ information that could take you years to learn. Much of the content is not available in any other training.

Many people feel an “inner prompting” or a “calling” to learn this innovative, healing work. Those people are welcome even though they may not have a degree. The intensive training is an investment and will add to any previous education, skills, and life experiences that you already have.


Be Part of the Global Shift in Awareness


There is a huge shift towards energy work and spiritually based therapy and many people are ready to release karmic patterns and complexes, that main stream therapies are proving less than effective with this..

The Earth is changing its vibration and frequency, we are preparing to move into a new vibratory consciousness, a New Era. Because of this shift many people are waking up to the realisation there is more to who they are, that life is not what they thought. This is leading them to seek help to discover who they really are and their souls purpose.

Most problems are based in a past-life cause, even when they appear to be resulting from current-life issues, such as trauma, fears, habits or conflicts. Soul Regression Therapy™ helps find the cause. Only when you know what really set the situation into motion can you generate a full release.  

An SRT session helps those who seek this powerful therapy to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

*The qualifications for this course have been broadened to make this training available to not only practicing hypnotherapists and healers, but to responsible, mature people who are drawn to spiritual work, personal development, healing or a desire to help people

Become a Certified Soul regression Therapist



Be part of a unique network of enlightened beings awakening and healing souls.

To become a Certified Soul Regression Therapist you first need to complete the 6-day Soul Regression Therapy Course. Once completed we require three written case studies and two case recordings to be submitted to us within 9 months of completion of this course.

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