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   Welcome to the official website of Soul Regression Therapy®

Our mission is to awaken consciousness and facilitate the healing of Souls globally
through building a network of enlightened healers...


Soul Regression Therapy is a unique pioneering process using real hypnosis that encompasses Past Life Therapy and After Life Regression, including Spirit Contact.

Soul Regression Therapy was co-created and developed by Clinical Hypnotherapists Lorna and John Jackson. Together they are the founders, principals, key hypnotherapists and trainers at The Jackson Institute Brisbane, Australia. Soul Regression Therapy is officially recognized as a New Healing Modality by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

Lorna and John have trained, studied and been inspired by many pioneers of past life and spiritual regression which include, Dr Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, Richard Sutphen, The Roger Woolger Institute, Henry Bolduc, Peter Rampster, Andy Tomlinson and The Michael Newton Institute USA.

Together they have been trialing, developing and perfecting a unique level of spiritual hypnosis that has lead them to co-create the Soul Regression Therapy process that they believe is beyond anything else being practiced and taught at present in Australia and New Zealand.

Lorna and John have over 40 years experience between them working with people in different areas. Their main focus in life is guiding people to the awareness and understanding of their soul essence, which can bring profound healing and positive changes into their lives.

The Soul Regression Therapy course is a 6-day intensive training that is being taught throughout Australia and New Zealand to people who are drawn to this pioneering approach.

Please note that this training is run only by Lorna and John Jackson and The Jackson Institute which is not affiliated with TNI. For more information click here

Soul Regression Therapy is part of the future of spiritual regression hypnotherapy and is the psychology of the future.

Suitable for people seeking self understanding, empowerment, healing of emotional and physical issues, or understanding of relationships. Assisting the release of karmic complexes, which may include, phobias, fears, habits or for those who have need of comfort in grief by experiencing first hand that the soul lives on after the physical death.

Soul Regression Therapy practitioners are experiencing remarkable results with their clients which have enabled profound and immediate changes during and after a session. Soul Regression Therapy is receiving acclaim around the world for the healing results. 

To find out more about Training or to Book Your personal Soul Regression Therapy session with either Lorna or John just call 0411886796

Brisbane Clinic: Upstairs, Laser and Body clinic, 2 Cnr Athena Grove & Cinderella Drive, Springwood, Brisbane.

Gold Coast Clinic: Spiritual Soul, 46 Hollywell Rd, Biggera Waters.

We offer a comfortable, relaxed air-conditioned atmosphere, close to shops, public transport, free off street parking, and other facilities.


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